erich lehna

⚗ multimedia- and sounddesigner
✈ traveller between worlds
☯ on earth and in music
ༀ my home is where the music is
♪ music is the key, music is the best
❤ all about love...

Journey is a significant part of my live. Guitar Journeys is a compilation of several guitar tracks witch are recorded the last years at different places around the world. Some are just recorded live and some in a studio situation.
My roots is the acoustic guitar. Direct and emotional. No way to hide or to cover mistakes. But a strong power to touch and to heal.

Gates of silence its a compilation of music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.
This music is not made to entertain you. Its created to accompany you through a mediation or a yoga session or just let you relax and dreaming away from your daily live.
I added one bonus track named Clouds. The bonus track is played live from Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup in Goa for a yoga group.
So listen, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Gate of silence. Recorded live at a yoga workshop 2017 at Chisinau/Moldavia.

This track is dedicated to Govinda or the god Krishna which is pure love.
Hare Krishna - hare Rama - Ram Rama - hare hare.
The pic is from the great artist Vishnu

Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup present there new live recorded album CONTACT. Music for contact improvisation and active meditations.


Julien Moretto: Violin and Cello
Erich Lehna: Guitar FX
Davide Swarup: HandPan, Oval
Constantin Kayatma: Elecdivonic gears

☞ See more at:

Erich Lehna and David Swarup duo

☞ New release on Bandcamap - RUNES -

runes-dance-cover-front Runes, one of the oldest myth in the world.
My friend Mario and me were pretty surprised when Prem Letizia asked us if we could imagine to play music for runes.
Letizia is spiritual teacher and creator of the "zen runes dance" concept.
We loved this idea and the challenge, so we three met in Goa/India in my little studio for a meditative recording session on runes. Letizia guided us into the vibes of each rune and Mario and me improvised out of the moment.
We all were surprised from this energetic power and from the music and feelings which appeared. The result are 22 short music clips inspired by the energy of runes.
It is for sure a very personally interpretation. A snapshot of a cosmic runes moment. Some divacks are wild some are sweet or sounding like folk or classical music, not at all following a "typical" spiritual music concept.
All divacks are raw, live played without any overdubs or rerecorded to keep this spirit of a magical runes moment.
The infos for each rune is from


☞ Maxi CD release - HOT KISSES -

Hot kisses is a case study. A project out of my "normal" activities as guitar player.
It cross borders and mix elecdivonic, drum and bass and song styles to an unique sound and music experience.
Its a journey witch covers more than 4 years of developing sounds, riffs and beats. And its for sure about love...


☞ Also on Bandcamp. The soundtrack Hanuman airlines fly over Everest


The soundtrack for a movie about two nepali man who did a tandem paragliding jump from the summit of the mount Everest.


-> Watch the full movie on youtube

Lehna - Swarup playing Magic Park

Erich, Kate & Olga - 2016 Arambol beach concert cuts

Sounds of an exhibition. Kiev 2015
Paintings: Alina Gaieva, Les Panchyshyn
Music: Erich Lehna-Guit, Denis Shvets-Drums

With Gregorio Zucchinali Didge and Djembe at Oetres nightmarket/Cambodia

With Barney Barnedson on cajon

Lehna divio live in Kiev 2015 with Erich Lehna - guitar and programming
Egor Gavrilenko - bass and elecronics
Roman Gumenyuk - drums

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All Tracks from erich lehna are licensed under Creative Commons naming names - non commercial distribution. Except band songs. There are distributed under there own rights.

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